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Save 25¢ on any single purchase of loose Lettuce..Expires 2/27/2017.One time use only.Save $0.25.

King Arthur Flour & Essential Goodness Baking Mixes

Save $3.00 when you spend $12.00 on any King Arthur Flour signature flour or any Essential Goodness baking mixes. (Includes: Any 5 lb. bag of flour.).Expires 4/16/2017.One time use only.Save $3.00.

Dial® or Tone® Body Wash, 6-bar

Save $1.50 on ONE (1) Dial® or Tone® Body Wash (12oz. or larger), 6-bar.Expires 3/4/2017.One time use only.Save $1.50.

Dial® OR Tone® Bar, Advanced Bar, Foaming Hand Wash, Liquid Hand Soap Refills

Save $1.50 on TWO (2) Dial® OR Tone® Bar (3-Bar or larger), Advanced Bar (2-Bar or larger), Foaming Hand Wash, Liquid Hand Soap Refills.Expires 3/4/2017.One time use only.Save $1.50.

Schwarzkopf® Hair Color Product

Save $3.00 When You Buy ONE (1) Schwarzkopf® Color Ultîme® or Keratin Color Hair Color Product.Expires 3/4/2017.One time use only.Save $3.00.

göt2b® styling product

Save $2.00 ON ONE (1) göt2b® styling product (excluding travel and trial sizes).Expires 3/4/2017.One time use only.Save $2.00.

Ortega® Mexican Food

Save $4.00 when you spend $15.00 on any Ortega® Mexican Food products. Click the 'arrow' link below to find easy meal solutions from Ortega®..Expires 5/3/2017.One time use only.Save $4.00.

Fuel For Fire® Fruit + Protein Smoothie

Save $1.00 when you buy any ONE (1) Fuel For Fire® Fruit + Protein Smoothie.Expires 3/22/2017.One time use only.Save $1.00.(Only at Wegmans)

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